Floating Garden

Umeda Sky Building "Floating Garden"

An Osaka Landmark of that gives an overwhelming impression

Floating Garden

Shin Umeda City

Shin Umeda City was completed in 1993. At its core is the Umeda Sky Building, a "pair of skyscrapers connected in midair" built in an unusual architectural form not often encountered anywhere in the world. The skyscrapers are equipped with superior safety measures such as earthquake-proofing and disaster protection, and have a floating garden at the top. With the passage of time, the half-mirror glasses that cover the building reflect the sky on their surface, so that the building seems to become one with the firmament and it appears as if the garden is alone, floating there in the blue. "The Westin Osaka", a top grade city hotel adjacent to the building, is a favorite with VIPs world-wide.

Umeda Sky Building is a "pair of skyscrapers connected in midair" rarely seen anywhere in the world.

Umeda Sky Building is 173 meters high. It has an innovative form whereby the two skyscrapers are connected at their top floors and a huge atrium that extends about 150 meters connecting the sky and the ground. Together they suggest a solemn atmosphere to visitors not unlike a cathedral dome. When going out onto Sky Walk at the very top of the skyscrapers, visitors can feel the fresh air and enjoy 360-degree panoramic views. In addition, in the basement, there is the "Takimi Lane of Restaurants" that reproduces the gourmet town of Osaka, a famous location where gourmets spare no expense on food. This famous new place in Osaka attracts throngs of people every day.

Attractiveness of Shin Umeda City

  • "Takimi Lane of Restaurants" - a street of restaurants that reproduces the downtown romance of the early Showa era.
    "Takimi Lane of Restaurants" on the first basement of Umeda Sky Building reproduces a street in Naniwa in the early Showa era when Osaka was at its brightest and most vigorous. There are a number of nostalgic items dating from those days - a pump-style well, Inari Shrine, a stone-paved alley, a short split curtain, and lattice doors. There, you can enjoy the taste of common people such as okonomiyaki, a specialty of Osaka. Please enjoy the taste of Osaka.
  • Abundant out-door open space with its theme of coexistence between the city and the natural environ ment

    Hanano (field of flowers)

    The garden was created in the image of nostalgic scenery of a community village field.

    Chushizenno-mori(natural forests)

    The park is lush with waterfalls and greenery, bringing to mind the rustic grove of a village shrine. In this oasis for rest in the heart of the city, living creatures thrive, among them fireflies, frogs, and dragonflies.

Access to Umeda Sky Building.

Access to Umeda Sky Building.

Address: 1-1-88, Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka
Eight minutes walk from JR Osaka Station, Subway Umeda station, and Hankyu Umeda Station